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Hell to Here, Rachell Shapiro, Independent Film

our process

Rock Creek always works in close cooperation with our clients, whether tasks require collaborative or independent efforts.  Our goals are to challenge ourselves, strive to exceed expectations, and make a difference.  

In everything we do, we communicate openly, apply our high-standards for excellence, and focus our efforts on successful results.


Maintaining open communications with our clients throughout the entire development and production process is crucial to ensuring all tasks are executed as planned, deliverables are made on time, and the goals of the product are met.  We encourage our clients’ input and feedback and ensure they are kept abreast of our progress at all times.  


Creative Process

Creative imagination can’t be forced, but by working collaboratively and applying a thoughtful process, ideas are generated and captured.  

For more detailed information on our creative process, visit our Creative Development page.



Production requires collaboration. So many different skill sets and aesthetics, technical requirements.  Our team 


The Right Tools

Particular creative approaches may require specific production tools.  We always strive to match the distinct need to the precise tool, whether that tool is an actor, a camera, a lighting approach, particular music or sound effects, or special effects.  


Quality Control

It’s important to us that we pay attention to both the small details and the overall scope of each and every project.  We do our best to ensure internal reviews of all deliverables and our high standards of excellence.  That’s how we maintain our clients’ trust.  


Production stills