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Tim Phillips with the Sony F5, Marine Corps SAPR Shoot 2013


Production is where weeks, even months of effort often culminate in just a few, intense days.


Our directors elicit desired emotional performances from the talent, and otherwise direct on-camera and voice-over talent.  With directorial experience ranging from personal drama to comedy to action to stand-up narration, having directed children and soldiers and scientists and firefighters, we have demonstrated a unique ability to direct talent and crew to real, emotional, persuasive outcomes.


Taking the time to research and understand any given subject matter allows our producers to prepare for and conduct thorough interviews of all participants.  Once interviews are complete, a full transcripts are typically generated. 


Giving voice to our client’s messages requires careful consideration during talent selection and focused direction of actors that ensures the delivery of accurate and appropriate on-camera and voice-over performances. 


Supporting footage can have a profound effect upon storytelling; finding compelling ways to capture purpose and emotion through interesting visuals of people or telling details of meaningful objects motivates our efforts. 


Soft, hard, or flat, cool, warm, or colorful, our goal is typically to apply lighting that does not draw attention to itself, whether it’s meant to feel natural and motivated or dramatic and purposeful, depending upon the mood we’re trying to elicit in an given scene. 


Clean audio is as important as visuals in telling a story, and we continually strive to capture distortion-free voice or ambient audio during production. 


Production crews vary by the requirements and complexity of the job, but Rock Creek demands a high degree of professionalism and experience when supplementing our in-house team with freelancers. 

Media Management

Always careful to ensure the security of all digital footage, we immediately transfer all media to at least two high-quality hard drives, in addition to duplicating all raw media onto a long-term archival storage solution. 


Traveling nationally for production is common for us, as is acquiring supporting local talent, crew and equipment as needed.  In addition to having shot video in a majority of the United States and its protectorates, we’ve also traveled for production purposes to Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, so we’re well versed in long distance logistical planning. 

Production stills