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Aimie Burns, Avid editor, editing suite, Peace Through Education


Each of our four edit suites are similarly outfitted with high-end, broadcast quality postproduction Avid Media Composer/Symphony editing systems offering sophisticated calibrated color correction, audio sweetening, and digital compression tools

Below is a breakdown of our postproduction process:


For interview based programs, the first editorial pass is typically to string out all proposed sound bites, enabling reviewers to get a sense of storyline and flow. 


This initial draft of the program allows reviewers to see all proposed content within the context of the program, though text, graphics, special transitional effects and the audio mix might still be rough.

2D/3D Motion Graphics

We’ll create elements that are applied both to enhance the look and feel of the program, as well as to describe and simplify technical or otherwise complicated subjects. 

Music and Sound Effects

During sound design, the music and the sound effects are layered and mixed to create a rich auditory environment. 


Based upon feedback from client reviews and further editorial refinements, this iteration of the program approaches the final version and is complete with polished transitional effects, music, sound effects, and professional narration, if required.

Final Master

Upon review and approval of the fine-cut, Rock Creek will create a final master.  The final program will include all graphics, sound effects, music and video transitional and special effects, and color correction.  This version of the program incorporates all client comments and is considered final.

Production stills