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Avid, video editing


Approval of the Final Program Master means that we’re done!  Almost!  A few final but important tasks remain before the job is complete.

Developing and implementing captions or subtitles for the hard of hearing, creating final deliverables, and creating a long-term archive of the entire project are the final remaining tasks. 


Once the Final Program Master has been approved, Rock Creek creates closed- and open-captions files and/or subtitles for all delivery formats.  These captions describe all audio within the program including narration, dialogue, significant sound effects, and music.  Visual Description audio files are also created for the vision impaired, if required. 


Final compressions for Blu-ray, DVD, broadcast, and online digital formats are created upon approval of the Final Program Master.  In addition to a high-definition, uncompressed Quicktime file, web-ready Movies, Windows Media, Flash, and MPEG formats are typically created, in addition to Vimeo and YouTube formats.


Always the final project task is to create an archive of the entire project.  These archive hard drives contain logically categorized files containing electronic versions of all paper-based deliverables such as creative treatments and scripts, all raw source media including still photographs and video, graphics and animations, music and sound effects, and editing project files such as the timelines and bins.  This archive enables the complete reconstitution of the project moving forward. 


Production stills